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name Steve
nickname Schmeve, Rappion, Mr Writer
age 28
home Hull, England
email rappion2004@hotmail.com
icq# don't use it any more...the e-mail above adds me on MSN or rappion2004 on Yahoo
website Here

blur stuff
Fave song 1997 - Erm, oh so many to choose from...Tender, The Universal, Coping, Sing, Death Of A Party, Charmless Man...etc etc. 2004 - Add to that Trimm Trabb, We've Got A File On You, Battery In Your Leg, Sweet Song and just about all of them!
Fave album MLIR...or blur (2004 - still applies)
Fave member Damon...cos he's the guvnor! (2004 - I see no reason to change that)
Ltd edi single box No. UK01310 (2004 - still got it)

about me
2004 - I help manage a shop, I support Liverpool FC by birth and Hull City FC by 10 year jail sentence. I play alot of music, watch alot of football, I'm learning website design

what brings you to a.m.b.?
The love of the band and the curiosity of trying newsgroups...tis the friendliest group I have ever found and I am staying here! (2004 - I would rewrite that but use the past tense obviously)

why do you like blur?
When a band comes along with the emotion and variety that blur have, it is impossible not to like them.

other favourite bands
Queen, Suede, Space, Tori Amos, Beautiful South, Extreme, Meatloaf, The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Phil Collins, Deacon Blue, Divine Comedy, Aimee Mann, Pulp, The Supernaturals, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, R.E.M, Take That...and others. (2004 - add Ash, Crowded House, Stereophonics, Joss Stone, Katie Melua, The Killers etc etc)

best concert ever seen
Blur, Sheffield Arena, November '95. The first concert I ever saw...and the best...I was gobsmacked by the show they put on that night...in 2 hours they made me fans for life.

random blur questions
If you were stranded on a far away island with blur (with no food), which blur member would you eat first and why?
Boring answer I know...but, Alex, cos he's got the most meat on him.

Which blur song or quote inspires you the most, and why?
(2004)"It really, really, really could happen." ...keeps you hanging on in there when you start to doubt

Which blur member do you think best deserves a spank?
Dave cos he is always forgotten about sitting at the back behind his kit.

Whats the weirdest thing you've ever done while listening to blur?
Attempted to sing along to Daisy Bell (Bicycle Made for 2) in awful fake Cockney accent at real high volume not realising my window was open and my neighbour was staring at me giving me a very odd look!

If you could visit any place you wanted on holiday, where would you go and why?
(2004)In no particular order - Australia, USA, Canada, Norway, Holland, Wakefield to meet great people in person most of whom I met on a.m.b 6 or 7 years ago.

and here's what the others think...
"new boy. cute... cuddly... has thanfully realised how to use oe properly :o)" - "lovely bloke, always reliable for tv trivia (song: daphne and celeste: ooh stick you)" - "too too" - "Keeper of the Perry, clever lad par excellence" - "Love his poetry. Great sense of humour too." - "Talk all the time on ICQ, best amb mate possibly!" - "Cheeky devil, too busy spanking to do much else really" - "dont worry 'bout it baby" - "the best amb brother there is" - "popstar (Fran Healy. Hey, why not?)" - "i wuv steve, steve al-ways makes me laugh!" - "schmeve. you rock." - "Well, there's not much to say really...it's me!" - "Again Who am I to judge...." - "Damn cheeky, great fun!.... get away from my mammy!" - "sorted. geezer. yeah. I like steve."



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