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i haven't really changed too much of it...

name - Darren
nickname - Fraggle, 2004 - sam, sammy (don't ask)
age - 2004 - 27
home - North Wales
email - 2004 - dflavell77athotmaildotcom
icq# - 2004 - haven't used it in years

blur stuff
Fave song I'm Just A Killer For Your Love, On Your Own, The Universal, This Is A Low, All Your Life.
Fave album Blur
Fave member Graham
Ltd edi 13 No. 186596

about me
- there's not much about me that's too interesting to be honest. i'm currently living in holywell, north wales. apart from that there's nothing to tell really. move along.

what brings you to a.m.b.
The bus, or something

why do you like blur?
I just do. I can't really explain why, cos I don't know why. They're the only band that I can listen to all day without getting bored and wanting to listen to somethin' else else.

best concert ever seen
Blur - Manchester G-Mex, Friday 1st Dec. '95 : They recorded it for the Stereotypes video, so technically I can say I've been in a Blur vid even tho' you can't see me (I've looked).
2004 - red hot chili peppers - hyde park, sunday june 20th 2004

random blur questions
If you were stranded on a far away island with blur (with no food), which blur member would you eat first and why?

Alex, cos he's the chubbiest lately.

Which blur song or quote inspires you the most, and why?
Dunno about being 'inspired', but listening to the live version of For Tomorrow from the Country House cd2 makes we want to see blur live again(and again and aga......).

Which blur member do you think best deserves a spank?
- graham, for not being in blur anymore :(

Whats the weirdest thing you've ever done while listening to blur?
stopped listening to Blur.

If you could visit any place you wanted on holiday, where would you go and why?
- new york city

If you could describe each member of blur using animals, what animals would you choose and why?
- i always thought this question was a bit daft to be honest :P

and here's what the others think... (2004 - i'd love to know who said what)
"The furry kind?" - "AAAAAhhhhhhhh, i stumped now. Possibly a bit more seasoning? Oh, I don't know, how many times can i say you're all great, and i love you all!!!!!" - "When i think of fraggle i think of the coolest fraggle of them all..red fraggle. Say fraggle do you eat radish's? But anyways fraggle..you crack me up." - "fwaggle it punny! quite witty and clever, i like fwaggieeee" - "knows his footie....good lad" - "scary!" - "popstar=Marilyn Manson (The least pure member of AMB (52%). Seen it all, done it all. May the Lord have mercy on his demon soul) - "Always seem to come up with the right word!" - "Better than he was." - "Fun, bit mysterious, unwanted when he arrived, but fought his way in and can't be missed ever again" - "Rocks. Come back Fraggle, amb needs you!" - "full of piss and vinegar is our welsh lad:) He does make me giggle" - "I still think he is lying about his age. He is too sweet to be an old man of 22:)" - "too welsh" - "mad... insane... crazy... hilarious." - "Cream" by prince" - "He's a big ponce" - "boober" - "fragglerocker" - "chupa mos (song: Blur: Chinese Bombs)" - "no clue. was a twat. then wasn't. is it."
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