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it's Anna *waves*. following everybody else's example, i have decided to update my profile a little. not much has changed really but then i don't have too much time to think as i'm at work right now. the things that have changed are written in italics

name Anna
nickname none at the mo
age 24
home Guildford, Surrey soon to be homeless London (sadly)
email anna@pseudonim.pl would be most reliable, i think
icq# 40094662 same, though i'm not using it at the mo

blur stuff
Fave song end of a century, this is a low, country house, song 2, you're so great, battle...
Fave album mlir, blur
Fave member graham
Ltd edi 13 No. 086925

about me
read the old description and... what's changed since then... well, i finished uni and i am not into baroque stuff anymore. i prefer the nineteenth century music instead and as usual i don't quite know what to write but now i'm at work sitting at somebody else's desk because the IT people have invaded my office. the office, in which i am at the mo, belongs to much busier people than us and they are frowning upon me, so i will at least pretend that i'm working. *grabs docs and sticks pen into her mouth* now it's better :)

what brings you to a.m.b?
I suffer from lack of blur fans in my area. People either don't know them or know them but don't like them. It makes me feel like a weirdo or something. Even my family says there must be something wrong with me because I listen to the music that nobody likes.

why do you like blur?
Because graham's cute... no, there must be another reason...

other favourite bands
bluetones, belle&sebastian, radiohead, beatles, smiths and many more...

random blur questions
Which blur song or quote inspires you the most, and why?
"End of a century, it's nothing special" because it's true.

Which blur member do you think best deserves a spank?
All of them, well maybe except dave but i'd spank him anyway because I don't want him to feel left out.

Whats the weirdest thing you've ever done while listening to blur?
Took shower, tortured my boyfriends, shouted at people who wanted me to turn the music down...

If you could visit any place you wanted on holiday, where would you go and why?
I don't know... anywhere... I love travelling and I'd like to visit every part of the world.

If you could describe each member of blur using animals, what animals would you choose and why?
damon - a chimpanzee
graham - a dog
alex - a fat black giraffe
dave - a cat

and here's what the others think:
"-Anna/Tamzin: scarily intelligent, makes me feel so thick" - "Anna/Tamzin:??? Are they the same person??? suddenly v confused" - "D'Arcy (She's Polish, she's a gurl and I'm all out of female rawkstars, OK?)" - "too kinkee" - "smart girly girl" - "Fellow teacher - great minds think alike. She is wonderful." - "cute polish girl!" - "she's so clever! and nice! I'm in awe I am." - "What can one say about Aunty Anna that hasn't already been said? Hmm, well I don't know cos I can't remember everything, but you'd never guess she was Polish from her grasp of English...in fact she has a good grasp of everything she takes her hands to ;oP"



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