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- it's still there.

Everyone who has profiles should post a new, updated version of their profiles. Don't change the "what others think" bit.
If we were to possibly recruit new people - do a profile!

name Tori
nickname Kitty, Rock elf, moonbeam (no, really. månestråle in Norwegian. Sunshine is a normal nickname for girls, but I ain't no sun. Even my dad calls me this, these days.)
age 26
home Norway.
email tori aaaaaaat krazycat.com
icq# Don't use it anymore. krrrazycat on aim.
website http://www.krazycat.com

blur stuff
Fave song Right now, I am too hungover to remember what songs are called.
Fave album All of them!
Fave member Graham. Even if he isn't really in blur now.
Ltd edi 13 No. Still don't have it.

about me
As I said back then: "Hello, I'm Tori. As I've said before, I'm resident skinny Norwegian bitch. Tho I can be nice too, if others are nice to me. I smile a lot. Little things make me happy."

when did you first come to a.m.b. and why did you stay?
"I'm unsure now, but it must've been around march 99. Or was it before? I'm not sure anymore. Anyway, since I didn't have any net access apart from uni at the time I sorta came and went a lot, 'til about a year ago, when I ended up staying. And that, as they say, was that." Still works for me!

why do you like blur?
"I've always thought they were fantastic. "Girls and boys" was the first song I ever heard by them, and it was quite different to a lot of the stuff I was listening to at the time. I can't say they've really let me down since."

other favourite bands
Jesus, I don't know how to answer that, I listen to too many bands. But as of today:
Fiona Apple, Miss Kittin, interpol, nine inch nails, Muse, Depeche Mode, Sisters of mercy, Suede, Nick Cave,

best concert ever seen
That's difficult to say, as I've seen so many. But David Bowie @ Norwegian wood had me in tears. First time seeing Muse was pretty intense, as well.

random blur questions
If you were stranded on a far away island with blur (with no food), which blur member would you eat first and why?
"I'd eat Alex. He's the biggest one now, isn't he?
I'd save Graham for last tho. He could be my plaything."
That is still applicable.

Which blur song or quote inspires you the most, and why?

Which blur member do you think best deserves a spank?
"Graham's a baaad bad boy. He needs some spanking. Preferably done by me. Oh yes."

Whats the weirdest thing you've ever done while listening to blur?
"Pass. I'm sure whatever you think I might've done is a lot more amusing than the truth. Or is it?"
Still works.

If you could visit any place you wanted on holiday, where would you go and why?
China, to the area where grandpa was born.

If you could describe each member of blur using animals, what animals would you choose and why?
"Dave is like a big bear to me for some reason. Just something about his face.. I could imagine him covered in fur pretty easily.
Damon's a kitten. A bad, naughty kitten. But gets away with everything because he's so cute.
Alex is more like a whale these days, isn't he? I'm kidding :)
And Graham would be.. um... an old fashioned teddy bear with glasses. very cuddly."
Can't change this :D

and here's what the others think...
"isn't it good, norwegian wood?" - "has very good taste in music. (song: NIN: somewhat damaged)" - "MUMMY!!" - "popstar=Tori Amos (She got voice, man)" - "too mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" - "Krazy chick. Knows how to knock trolls down with one blow!" - "my lesbian lover, the only girl that could make me wanna give up on blokes, i luv towwi:)" - "If I could pick one person to tie me up, it would be her ;P" - "oh we don't like her." - "Her web site scares me." - "Good ol' KC!" - "she is great. well she *is* me" - "she's extremely gorgeous in real life and she's mah wifey :)" - "she so krazy!"



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